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Hello all!


I try to get a list of all synchronized emails in creatio (for searching, grouping etc.). The standard activity-section doesn't display emails it seems (https://community.creatio.com/questions/email-type-activities-section).


How can I setup a (new) list view to display all email activities or how can i modify the filter in the activities view to also contain all emails?




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Hello Christian,


You can check this add-on https://marketplace.creatio.com/app/mailbox-section-creatio.




Jelena Nikcevic,

Thank you!


I installed the addon but adding it to my workplace does not work. the section disappears instantly after adding.

Hello Christian, 


According to the basic logic of the Activity section, it doesn't contain activities with a  type "email" and "call" in order to not overload activity section with tons of emails/calls.

In case you need to check only one particular email or a few of them, you may simply find this email in the Communication panel.

Also, you may apply changes to the emails with a help of custom business processes or directly in DB. 

Alternatively, as mentioned by Jelena, you can use a corresponding marketplace add-on, that lets you manage emails in the pre-configured Mailbox section.

If the installation of the add-on was successful, please try to re-login to the site, clear your browser cache and add the section to a workplace once again. 

Best regards,


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Yes, I know that the activities section doesn't display emails, that is my original problem.

I also know the communication panel but searching for particular information in emails is still not easy (and I have installed the addon available for searching emails already).


Installation of the mentioned addon was successfull, I always test afterwards in privacy mode so still no success.


Best regards,


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