Display document links in Creatio

On a form or a list, I would like to display a link to a document stored in the system (the user selects the document manually). The name of the document would appear on the screen and if you click on it, the document will open. I couldn't find a "document link" field type. How can I implement this in Creatio?


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Create the attachment detail (within the section you want to display document links) as a new section. Then create a new string field and a business process which updates this field each time an attachment is created. Like below:


"https://my.creatio.com/0/rest/FileService/GetFile/36262394-3837-46a6-ba…"+[#Read PI Attachment.First item of resulting collection.Id#]


The first part is constant for each record with the ID appended on each record created.


This will then create the link you need to automatically open the document within the section list.


The ID (highlighted in yellow) relates to the specific UId of the object (which you can locate within advanced settings). The ID highlighted in Green is the unique attachment ID which is appended during BP update.


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