Disable Freedom UI date time selector

Hello all,


Is there a way to revert the Freedom Date time selector to the old option for picking date and time? The new element is incredibly clunky and difficult to use. I frequently find that I have to pick the hour and minutes of the time and then reopen the entire element, click through date and time again just to pick if I want AM or PM. We really like Freedom UI but this UX is impossible to avoid.

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Just as a tip, you can also click on the part of the date or time you want to change on the left side. So, instead of clicking through the date, then time, to be able to change AM or PM you can just click it on the left side. It's not super intuitive - I'd also rather just have the dialog display things differently, but at least it's something 🤷🏼‍♂️ (there's not a way to change that or revert to the older picker dialog)

Ryan Farley,

Thanks. I'll try that to see if feels any better.

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