Date value is added in the DB but it doesn’t show up in the filed post the process completion

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We are trying to add new detail in a lead and post the lead is converted to opportunity, have written process to copy the values added in the lead detail to the created opportunity detail. The process is completed and there is no error and the value gets inserted into the DB but in the UI [filed] the value is empty/doesn't show up


Steps :

Created a new detail in the lead and have values of data type : date, float, integer.


Similar detail is created in opportunity also


In the lead, have filled the values for all the three data types and after converting the lead to opportunity.

Have written a process to map the detail value from lead to opportunity detail

Verified the DB, post the data insertion part. All the datatype value is correctly inserted.


But in the opportunity section, when we open the detail.  Values for data type float, integer is available but the value for date is missing?


Create instance being used is 7.15.1

Question : What could be the reason that a date value is present in the DB but doesn’t show up in the UI/front end.

Note : In both details, the data type is “Date” only

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Hi Amritha, 

Such scenario works properly on newer OOB version of the application. 

Please check if there are any errors in the developers console when opening the page. 

I'd recommend you to update the application to the newest version. 

If the issue persists or the update is not an option for you please contact us at and provide us with access/ copy of the DB. 

Best regards,


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