DataSource field validator in FreedomUI

Anyone had an opportunity to work with validator on dataSource field in freedomUI? I've tried add "validators" tag to viewModelConfig on DataSource, but had an error that validator was not registred. Can someone suggest something?

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Could you please share what steps you took and what was the result?

Igor Zemlyar,


Please double-check using example in the Academy article here, validators are operational and should be properly. Maybe this is a specific behaviour of this particular field and some other logic prevents validator from working.

Oleg Drobina,

Yes, i've had this article for example, validators are working on page but not on dataSource' fields. I had even tried copy this example from article with the same signatures but using it for dataSource fields and i had troubles

Igor Zemlyar,

Could you provide some examples of a validator implementation that didn't work for a field?

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