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I try to create Word report and add information about currency to the table header

And in some reports everything is Ok, but in some (with more columns or any other conditions) only one row with table details is displayed after some master data is added to the column header.

I cannot find any reason and have no ideas why in some reports it works and in some - doesn't


Thanks for your hints!

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it seems that you are trying to add the macro straight from the table column. In this case, such scenario should be changed.


Please, make sure you added the column to the "Set up report data" section in your Report template in Creatio before you add this column to the report template in Word, then in Word you will have to find this columns in the list and drag it to the field where you need it.


For example, if now the macro looks something like "Object1.Column1.Currency", then you need to go to your Report in Creatio and add the column in such way:


- Set up report data -> "+"

- Object1 -> "+"

- In the second field you need to find your Column1

- In the last window you should have a list from the Column1 and there you should be able to find your Currency column.


In this case, it should work fine.




Thank you for your replay.


Yes, we have created VIEW and added this object as report table.

And if report is based on Order, a lot of Order's calculated fields are taken from VIEW.


When we add 'Currency' field to the 'report data', it realy works - thank you.

But we also have some fields, that are calculated in VIEW, so they cannot be added to the 'report data', only to 'report table'. As I understand, they cannot be used in other table header?

And only option is to add new field to Order object, calculate and store this value in the object?


Kind regards,


Vladimir Sokolov,


if the field is calculated in View, it cannot be added to the header, I'm afraid.


However, you can try to add another field to your object and simply populate it with the value from the second field. In this case, it should work fine.





Thank you!

Would be nice to have Word reports based not only on Section, but on any other objects, also objects on View

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