Dashboard Data on List view in Freedom UI

Hi community, 

Is anyone familiar with the roadmap, aware of when/if Creatio plan to add in the functionality to toggle a list page between dashboard and a list - as was available on the old UI? 

I note that it is now possible to use the toggle (i.e feed/next steps) function without allowing the user to hide it, so theoretically we could build this into the page template quite easily. An example being the "UI Management List" page. 


Similarly does anyone know when/if they plan to add the advanced filter functionality. 




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I would like to inform you that you can add the necessary dashboard icon in Freedom UI. In order to add the icon you need, please use the instructions by clicking here.

As Orkhan mentioned, you can add dashboard elements to list pages pretty easily. Additionally, you can add a toggle panel, drag the list to a panel and then have a setup similar to the old dashboards for sections - however that doesn't allow you to give users the ability to create their own dashboards without giving them the ability to edit the page itself. 

There is an item on the roadmap that is what you're asking about which is currently slated for Q1 2024

Dashboard sections in Freedom UI 

Users can set up their own analytics widgets in Freedom UI and take full advantage of no-code capabilities.


Thanks for the reply Ryan and info on roadmap. 

Orkhan, I am familiar with the tabs component, but unless I am missing something this doesn't give me what I am looking for. Although perhaps the toggle component would. 

What I am meaning is the icon that appears next to the list name, that switches the entire grid below it from a list to a dashboard. This replicates the function that is available on classic UI. 

The below screenshot was from Creatio's marketing materials prior to 8.0.6 last Christmas


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