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I have some questions about lists in Creatio Freedom UI.

1. Is there any way to make a field read-only on a list while allowing it to be edited from the form page? I tried to use object-level business rules, but I couldn't disable the field only on the list. Fields are not available in the page-level business object on the list view.
2. Is it possible to add a custom validation for some fields on the list?
3. Is it possible to handle every field change, like on a form page? Some of my fields are being calculated live on the form page, using `crt.HandleViewModelAttributeChangeRequest`. I'd like to do the same on the list page or at least make those fields read-only on the list page.
4. I found a crt.SaveRecordsRequest request during debugging that allows me to review user changes before saving. But when I try to open a mini page using request.$context.executeRequest, nothing happens.
5/ Do you know of any more helpful requests related to lists? I found some more, like `crt.SaveDataRequest`, but it seems to have a restricted scope, so I can't add my own handler for it.

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1.Yes you can deselect the inline editing of records option in the designer page for the detail.
2.Yes it is possible through code - but can you pls elaborate on what you mean by custom?
3.No you can't do the live calculation on the list page

Hello Eryk,
Thank you for your question!

Regarding your forth question. The following code should work
handler implementation code
Note that you also need to add @creatio-devkit/common library to your module dependencies as well as pass parameter it's function.
import deps and pass parameter to function
You can find some examples of how to open a page in custom handler here.

Regarding you fifth question. Could you please clarify and provide example on how you are implementing your logic? 

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