Create a process to give access of read and edit to record for a particular portal user

I created a process which will give access to a particular portal user permission to read and edit record. The portal user name is filled in the record page. 

Process first triggers when a record is added then it read the portal user name in the record and assigns the access permissions. But the process is not giving access rights to the portal user. 

Can any one help ?

Here are the screen shots : -

1. Process

2. After adding record and process completion, the access rights 

3. Object permission of the Section page

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Hello Ramnath,


Could you please provide us with screenshots of the business process elements settings for further assistance on this matter?


Thank you in advance! Looking forward to your reply. 

Olga Avis,

Here are the screenshots of elements:-

1. Trigger element - record added

2. Read portal user name (Field name - Borrower)

3. The access rights added

The Role is the name of borrower which was read in 2nd Read Borrower element.

This process is in my local dev environment. I have also created the same process on a trial cloud environment. But the process does not seem to work. 

Is there anything I am missing?



It is necessary to grant the rights not to User role but for the Employee  where you should indicate the value of the Borrower field .  It should be something like this [#Read Borrower.First item of resulting collection.Borrower#]

As for now you try to grant the rights to some role and the system cannot identify it.


Best regards,


Dean Parrett,


I assigned the access role in process for employee. And the process works now.

But why can't we do for User role.

Even if it works with employee role. The borrower is not an employee. He/She is an end user who will fill the form. Why does it have to be assigned in Employee role.

Can you please elaborate?






The thing is that your process doesn't read the user role. It would be necessary to find the user's role first using additional read data elements and based on which role is found by, use it in Role parameter instead of Employee.



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