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I have a contact who is a contact of two accounts.

On an order page, in my contact lookup, i can only select contact with the primary=true experience for the account (contactcareer). 

However, only one contact experience can be with the key primary at true, so for other account i can not select the contact.

Does anybody knows how to solve this issue ?

Thank you



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Dear Nicolas,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add more than 1 primary account for contact as it is a primary one and it is the base logic.

Best Regards,
Ivanna Yatsura.

Ivanna Yatsura,

Dear Ivanna,

Thank you for your answer !

In an order page, is it possible to display a contact lookup displaying all contacts having the current [contactcareer] field to true.

Actually mine contact lookup field, display only contacts having the primary [contactcareer] field to true (effectivly, only one record can have the primary field to true).

Have a nice day,


LÉZORAY Nicolas,


You can achieve it by adding detail with the use of Business Rules to show only needed contacts.

Best Regards,

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