Clarification needed on Mobile application

Hello Community,

We have a requirement to trigger a Business Process from Client schema. Since our client also uses Creatio mobile application, we need to figure out in which schema we need to write the code for achieving the same functionality in mobile application.


Any inputs on the schema names for achieving the above functionality would be helpful.



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Hello Sivaranjani,


Business processes in the mobile application can only be triggered from the event (signal) that is used in the process (record adding\modification). So if you open a record, change some column value, save this record and you have a business process in the system that is triggered upon column modification then such process will be triggered.


Unfortunately mobile application doesn't support manual triggering of the business process from the client code. But our R&D team already has a task to make it possible to do using standard mobile application wizard and I've already informed them on this community post to raise the priority of this task. Thank you for helping us in making the app better!

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