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I have a requirement where "A" is a date field and "B" is a boolean. When a record is created, it should calculate the number of days left until "A" arrives. If the number of days left is less than 45, then the value of "B" should be changed to "true". 

Note : I m using Freedom UI. Also if this is possible through Bussiness Process please Advise.

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This can be done by making a formula to count days between "today" and your filed "A" with a function .Days.

It should look something like the following:


([#Date value.5/31/2023#]-[#System variable.Current Date#]).Days


I will also will leave some community questions on the matter:……




I have Created A process but data is not reflecting as i want.

Screenshot of Process and records are attached 

This is my SubProcess

This is my Main Process

This is the list of Records

Here Course C is the field which displays the Days which is not Correct. 

Please Advise



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If you are referring to the way the data is represented, it depends on the type of the column (in order to make the value not have zero after it - make the column integer)


If you want to show a checkbox that would be ticked if a certain number is reached and you do not want to use code, keep the column in which you store the number of days, and on the base of it, build a business rule that "if the number of days is reached, then make the box true"…


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 Thanks for your reply.

I want the value in Field should be correct as it is 92 for all records allthough there are some records whose value should be 30 days or 60 days


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