Auto calculate age based on new birthdate custom field


Where can i find a business process example of how to calculate age based on a new custom field that i created for both age and birth date. 



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Dear Ryan,

Maybe this process will help you to achieve your goal. It calculates the age of the employees. You can modify it to reach your business goal.

I've added a field of Decimal type to fill it with the age of the contact.


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Lily Johnson,

Thanq, It's working but i need with out business process buy using RequireJS is there any chance to get ?

If yes send me the sample code.Hoping for positive reply


Here is the academy page on how to create auto calculated fields:…

Also here is the article on working with dates that may help you as well:…

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Aleyna Bildik,


If you are trying to filter your contacts you could use the filtering by a month/date, it does not take into account the year.


If you need to count the amount of years you could use a script task in your business process. (you can use C# code snippets that you can find on the web, here's one).


Finally, just in case you do not have a custom field, and using OOTB fields of the system - starting from version 7.17 Creatio has a field called "Age" that already counts everything from you, it relies on the Birthdate field that is present in Contacts section, more info on it can be found here.


Thank you.

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