Hi all,


I am working on deploying Creatio on-site in order to check heavy sql queries to add some indexes. I have been following the steps on the documentation page for on site installation, however I am having trouble finding the ConnectionsStrings.Config file and any help figuring out where I should look would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Kevin,

You can find it in the root folder of your site as it is shown on the screenshot.

Bohdan Zdor,


I am confused on file path to get there. I received a database backup from support and then deployed the backup by restoring the database in MS SQL Server Manager. Is there someplace else I should be looking?


Kevin Brady,

To create an on-site install, you need the database, which it sounds like you already have, but you also need the actual application files that you setup under IIS. You can get this from support (it needs to match the version of the database backup you've been given)


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