Business rules for required fields not applying when 'Save record on stage change' is on



I have a page with the progress bar (cases) on Studio To simplify the explanation, let's say there are two stages based on a status field: New Request and Completed and I have business rules stating that the request description is required if the status is Completed. 

If the 'Save record on stage change' is off, when I click on the Completed bar, the description field becomes require and I cannot save without entering. But of 'Save record on stage change' is on the record is saved and the status changes to Completed even if the description was not entered. 

Any ideas on how to make it work where the 'Save record on stage change' is on but the business rules are applied, and the record is not saved if the required fields for that status are missing?




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To provide you with an answer, we need to investigate it deeper. Please contact the Support Team directly via and provide all these details.


Best regards, Mariia

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