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Greetings, we want to setup a trigger campaign to send to those members that turn 18 years of age. We have a dynamic folder setup for just these audiences. The question is, what would be the correct filter logic? This is what is currently setup in Creatio so far.


Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Could you clarify whether the goal is to send emails to the contact specifically on their birthday, or is it to send a newsletter to all contacts who have turned 18 this year?

Pavlo Sokil,

The goal is to send emails to the contacts that meet this criteria on their birthday or two days after their birthday.

Lucas Centeno,


Unfortunately, regular filtering won't work for these purposes.

 However, you can implement the following approach:

Create a separate column of type "Date" in the "Contact" object, for example, "18YearsDate," and populate it using a business process.

 This process should take the birth date from the "Birth Date" column, add 18 years to it, and set this value in the "18YearsDate" column. After that, you can set up a filter as follows:

18YearsDate = Today 
 18YearsDate = Tomorrow, etc.

You can implement this calculation for the column using a formula  in the business process.

I hope this helps!

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