Async validator not showing error message.

I have a validator function with the "async" flag set to true.  It is working however the error message is not showing when the record is saved and the validation fails.

		viewModelConfigDiff: /**SCHEMA_VIEW_MODEL_CONFIG_DIFF*/[
				"operation": "merge",
				"path": [
				"values": {
					"UsrCaptainReportsTo": {
						"modelConfig": {
							"path": "UsrYachtsDS.UsrCaptainReportsTo"
						"validators": {
							"CaptainReportsTo": {
								"type": "usr.CaptainReportsTo",
								"params": {
									"message": "'Captain reports to' must be an affiliate in the yacht's affiliates list."
		validators: /**SCHEMA_VALIDATORS*/{
			"usr.CaptainReportsTo": {
				"validator": function (config) {
					return async function (control) {
						var validated;
						validated = false;
						return validated ? null : { "usr.CaptainReportsTo": { message: config.message } };
				"params": [
						"name": "message"
				"async": true


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We've reproduced the issue in 8.1.3 and the only possible way to use the validator now is to use it synchronously (using "async": false). Our R&D team has created a task to fix this bug in future application releases and took it in progress. Thank you for reporting this issue to us and helping us in making the app better!

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