Apply filter by page data: OR

I am applying a complex filter to a page using the "Apply filter by page data" option.  I set up two parameter filters, but they are logically connected by an AND condition.  Is there a way to construct these filters allowing for complex structures?

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Please provide examples of how you implement filters.

In the List Settings below, I need the results from more than one filter condition, more than just Account.ID=Opportunity.Account. 

Adding a second filter is possible, but the two filters are intrinsically connected by an AND operator, and there is no obvious way to specify a complex filter here.

John DeFayette,


At the moment, it is not possible to set up such filtering. 

We have informed the development team about this need and registered an idea for such an improvement, so this feature may be available in the future.

Thank you for helping to make our product better.

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