API adress check, then choose from options

I want to build an 'add' client wizard for our customer service to make it easy for them and also to prevent mistakes.


The first step would be to insert zipcode and housenumber, then it will make an API call to see how many adresses match these two parameter. 


The list that is returned, if the list is > 1 it should show you the information from the array and make you able to choose 1 of the options. 


If the list is 1 it should automatically pick the only available option.


I understand how to create the business process but combining this with a user interface is still difficult for me, is this even possible? 

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Hi, take a look at this article, I believe that there you can find a piece of useful information. It is written for the Freedom UI page, however, in earlier versions, you can just use XMLHttpRequest for sending the request, wait for a response, and process it.

The link somehow is broken now.


Here you are - link

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