Anonymous custom configuration service for .Net Core

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The Academy guides on how to create anonymous custom configuration services using WCF / .Net Framework -

Suppose, I have a Creatio cloud instance on Linux using .Net Core. How does one go about creating an anonymous custom configuration service??



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Hello Shrikanth,


To create a configuration service you need to authorize via the AuthService.svc. Please refer to the following article:…

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Kseniia Prokopenko,

The documentation clearly says that there is way to create a configuration service with Anonymous authentication. Hope you went through the Academy link I pasted in the question.

My question was - 
The documentation only lists out the steps for the WCF based configuration services (Used by .Net Framework on Windows). How does one go about creating an anonymous service on a Linux installation of Creatio using .Net Core?

Kseniia Prokopenko,

Hi Kseniia, Request and appreciate your assistance for the above query

Hello Shrikanth, 

In order to enable Anonymous service for .Net Core edition of Creatio all you need to do is to add information about this service to "AnonymousRoutes" block of ..\Terrasoft.WebHost\appsettings.json file. 
It should look like this:

"Terrasoft.Configuration.[Service name]": [
    "/ServiceModel/[Service name].svc"

Please note that there is no need to change service's source code.
Also, in case if "System.Web" name space is being used, it has to be changed to "Terrasoft.Web.Http.Abstractions". 

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