Adding a mailbox in 7.17 is different and not user friendly!

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Earlier versions of Creatio had just a few steps to configure mailbox. The 7.17 version (dev environment, Postgres DB) throws an error about system setting "ExchangeListenerServiceUri". Could any of you shed light on the benefits of this new process? Is it only in 7.17 version or all versions will have the same process of adding mailbox?

How do we configure a simple Gmail Id or Outlook Id ?


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Hello Shivani, 


The Exchange Listener synchronization service synchronizes Creatio with MS Exchange and IMAP/SMTP mail services. Starting from the 7.16.0 version it is necessary to deploy the Exchange Listener synchronization service for the local websites. Starting from the 7.17.2 version the old synchronization method was fully removed. Please, find the deployment guide in the Exchange Listener synchronization service Academy article. 


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