Adding http header to web service call

Hi community!


I'm trying to set up a call to a web service (the built-in no-code approach), which uses a custom HTTP header for authentication called 'X-API-KEY'.


I haven't found a way to add a header to the web service via the UI. Is there some way to achieve this?




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Hi Robert, 


Usually such operations is performed by using OData:…


Please also check out this articles to find some useful tips: 


[Call web service] process element -…


API Keys -





Bogdan L.




Hi Bogdan,

thanks for the answer!

However, that's not quite what I was looking for ;)


I know of OData and how to use it. Unfortunately, the 3rd party service doesn't support it.

What I'm looking for is actually a way to add custom headers to HTTP requests when calling external web services via business processes.


I know I could use a script task and program it myself, but I was wondering if it also worked when using the standard web service integration.




Robert Pordes,


Actually we don't have practical examples of such implementation. 


So in this case as you said you may use a script task to achieve required result. 


Probably the link of how to Run business process via web-service will be also useful for you:…


Thank you! 




Bogdan L.

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