Change DCM of record automaticly

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I have a business scenario where there is:

1) diferent DCM dependent on opportunity type, simple or complex

2) business case that if opportunity amount is above 10.000€ DCM should be changed from simple to complex

3) this should happen dinamically, meaning, if an opportunity is started as simple and later on the amount is above 10.000€ DCM should automaticly change from simplet to complex


I've managed to achieve most of the requirements via a business process that has a trigger event when amount is greater then 10.000€ to change opportunity type, with the exception of automaticly changing the DCM of the record.

What happens when I change the type of opportunity is this message:

" Creatio has found a case that better fits the launch conditions. Launch... "

Is there any way to change the DCM of the record without useer intervention?




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I advice you to check code behind that " Creatio has found a case that better fits the launch conditions. Launch... " action and repeat it in your WF.

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If I understood your business task correctly, to do this you can analyze the button ActualDcmSchemaInformationButton in schema SectionActionsDashboard in package ActionsDashboard and the method that is triggered by clicking the button (onActualDcmSchemaInformationButtonLinkClick in schema DcmSectionActionsDashboardMixin). After that, you can implement similar logic to trigger on the onChange event of the column that determines which case to use.


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