Accounts and Contacts, excluded from duplicates search as 'Not duplicate'


Where can I find Accounts and Contacts, excluded from duplicates search as 'Not duplicate'?
There are doubts and some of same mistakenly were marked as 'Not duplicate' in global duplicates search and it is necessary to remove this mark


Thank you!

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Can you please specify what Creatio version you have and also your Deduplication service version?

Hi Mira Dmitruk,

Sales Team. Version (Cloud)

How can I found Deduplication service version?



For the mechanism of Bulk duplicates search using the deduplication service, in order to reset the "Not duplicates" flags of all marked packs of duplicates on the deduplication service, it is necessary to clean the UniqueEntity table in mongodb.

In future releases, it should be possible to change the logic of the "not a duplicate" mark so that this action can be canceled by basic tools.


In case you use the deduplication service in cloud, and you get the situation when you need to clean the table with "not a duplicate" in mongo, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you to clean it.

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