Access provided to a section is not reflecting to the detail added in the section.

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We have a section and there are few fields added to that section. To that section we have added a detail. Later, we are giving access to the section for read and editing of the fields in the section. The fields within the section is edited based on the access given to the user, if the user doesn’t have access and when the user tries to edit the field, we get insufficient access error. But, the same user is able to edit the fields in the detail. How do we restrict it, the edit of the detail should  also have the same access provided to the section.

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Hello Amritha, 

As of now the access rights for the detail should be set separately from the access rights for the section. 
In order to do so you need to find the corresponding detail in the Object permissions list and set the same operation/record permissions as you did for the section. 
Please refer to the links below for more information regarding access rights:……

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