How to restrict Loading unrequired Data Object on Mobile ?


I'm setting up the Mobile App with VERY FEW sections (contact, accounts, activities)


Since we have areas with no connection....I need to set the OFFLINE mode (using 7.17).


When I first start the APP, it seems to be loading ALL objects (orders, products, etc...) which take a lot of time/resources.


Can we RESTRICT some objects to be loaded when I don't use the section in the App ?


Hope I'm clear enough.



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Hi Francois,


This usually happens if there are more than 1 workplace set for the Mobile App. The best way is to check your Mobile wizard and see if any of those sections linked to any of the workplaces.

I double checked and nothing is refering to the order. (I only kept Account/Contact/Activity/Lead.  The data that I'm showing does not call ORDERs or Products in Orders) 

But I still see :  Importing data (OrderProduct) = over 2 Millions records.


Can we limit the amount of Order records  (Today's data ONLY) ?


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