Hi, Is it possible to change the "number of active background processes" referenced on the acadamy information Here



I'm trying to get more than 50 parallel processes but i can't find a way to do it. The box running the portal has enough to do it.

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The maximum amount of business processes that can be run simultaneously in the background is 5 for each application (for example, if you have two nodes with two apps on them but one database - the number of business processes will be already 10).

Alternatively, you can run business processes not only in the background but also "live" (which means you will see the uploading mask in front of you while business processes are running). This way, you can run plenty business processes at once but please take into consideration the memory capacity of the machine

Thank you for the answer.


I will try to not run it in th background to see how much faster it is.


So the app doesn't care about the number of processors, or threads available on IIS, it's a fixed value based on the number of nodes?




Luciano De Munno,


Yes, it's fixed value based on the number of nodes.


When you say "Live" you mean to uncheck the Run current and following elements in background, right? Or is there another setting?

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I'm looking for some guidance on setting up a process.


I want the process to run once per week, reading all Activities where the start date is <= Yesterday and the field (Result) is not filled in. 

Then I want the process to send 1 E-mail to the organiser listing the records that need the results field completing. 


I'm  relatively new to processes and sub processes so any guidance would be really appreciated.


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Hello Tom,


You can design your business process to run once a week with a help of "[Start timer] event" element, more detailed information is available on our Academy:



Best regards,


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