Im trying to set the self registration for external users but the license is not distribution automatic can you help me to know how can I configure that?

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I believe this is set in the web.config SspUserRegistrationLicPackage key (unless that has changed at some point). 

If this is an on-site application modify web.config file in Terrasoft.WebApp folder:

<add key="SspUserRegistrationLicPackage" value ="License name here" />

If this is cloud application contact creatio support and they can add that.


Hi Ryan, thank you 

Ryan Farley,

Do you think, we'll get nocode capabilities at some point to change these webconfig settings ? ­čśĆ


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Hello Community,


I need to know if it is possible (and how to proceed if possible) to upload a file into Creatio (in this specific case an audio file) from an external application using OData connection in version 8.0.10. The file need to be uploaded into the attachments detail of a custom section.


Thank you!

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Hello Javier,

Regarding the general function of OData, you can find detailed information in the following resource:


OData Overview


For more specific examples and methods, you can refer to this documentation:


OData Methods and Examples

API for file management

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