Hello Community, 

Kind of dummy question, but in the new UI, where is the "lookup element" that can be implemented? In configuration section, contacts are in "custom" package. Did not see a section page referring to contacts, Only form page seems to be valid. Relevant Image that I was expecting to find a custom "lookup element" that can be dragged/dropped is shared.

Thank you in advance! 

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The new equivalent of a lookup is "Dropdown"


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Hi Community,


My instance was developed on Customer Package

I want to create another package. Let's call it A package. To continue our development.

But after I set up the dependencies for A Package, I was unable to config Object from Custom Package

Should I move all elements from Custom Package to my A Package?

Or what else should I do?

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If you are developing in order to later transfer these changes to a production website (or any other website), it is essential to transfer these elements from the Custom package, as you have different bindings and data, as well as changes made to the objects. If you do not transfer them, the integrity of the development will be compromised, and the package is unlikely to be successfully installed on the target website.

Also, please note that the package must include all the necessary dependencies for these elements to be transferred. If, at the moment you want to move an element, you are missing a dependency, for example, the website will display a message indicating what is specifically missing.


Additionally, please familiarize yourself with the documentation:

Packages basics

Delivery in Creatio IDE

Move the functionality between packages

Kalymbet Anastasia,

I understood

I just have a further question.

If, I move all the elements from the Custom Package to my A package on the Development website. Then, I install that package on the Production website. The Production already had a Custom Package with all the same elements as the Development website.


Is there any possible error when I install my A Package on the Production site?

Bao Phan,


If they are the same elements with the same UId and name, then yes, there may be a conflict during installation.

Kalymbet Anastasia,

So if I create another package (B package) and move all elements from Custom Package to the B package on Production Site.

Then, I continue to develop A Package on the Development site and install it later on the Production Site

Is it possible doing it? Any conflict or error may happen?

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