I'm having trouble packaging out custom system settings and their values.  I have two entries for data in my package.  One for the SysSetting entry and one for the SystemSettingValue entry.  Upon installing the package, I can see the values as they should in the Database, but in the UI, the setting entry is there, but the value for the setting is not.  I tired clearing the Redis Cache, but that didn't help.

What is the correct procedure for packaging out system settings?


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Hi Jeremy,

Adding data for SysSetting and SysSettingValue are the correct things to package for system settings - I package those frequently and never an issue. Could it be that the SysSettingValue data record isn't including the correct fields? Can you see a record related to the SysSetting record in the SysSettingValue table? Maybe it's not showing the value in the UI because the correct columns aren't being included? (A SysSettingValue record uses one of multiple different fields depending on the datatype of the setting). Could that be the case?


Hi Ryan


Yes, there are records in both tables joined by Id-->SysSettingsId.  It's a Text value and there is a value in the Text field on SysSettingsValue. 


I added a value to the setting in the UI and it created another record in SysSettingsValue for that SysSettingsId.  Only diference I could see is that the original entry had a Null for SysAdminUnitId.  Sure enough, after I set that value in the DB, my original value started showing up in the UI. 


I looked at the source system and target system and they both have the same SysAdminUnitId in the SysAdminUnit table.


I ended up decompiling the package to see if the value was in the Data step for SysSettingsValue and it was not.


Any idea why just that value would not copy over?

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I'm trying to deploy a custom package to a cloud env. It is created by CLIO and basically it is almost empty. I have created 1 object through the Section wizard with 1 integer field. Then exported the package from my local env as a .zip file.

My local env is vers "", while I'm trying to install it on "" (our main test env) and on trial version env "".

When I try to install it via the Installed applications (I've exported the package), it cannot install properly and shows this in the installation logs:

Errors and (or) warnings occurred while compiling configuration dll

Error : Errors occurred while compiling configuration. See logs for more details.

When application installed, an error(s) occured

or this:

Compiling configuration dll

Errors and (or) warnings occurred while compiling configuration dll

Error MSB1025: An internal failure occurred while running MSBuild.

When application installed, an error(s) occured

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Dear Georgi,

We do not recommend installing packages from different instance versions, especially if you are installing packages from 7.14 to 7.13. This can cause the mentioned errors and issues.

Moreover, we highly recommend asking support to install the packages to the instances (if we are talking about prod and pre-prod).

Best Regards,

Ivanna Yatsura

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Transferred the package from one instance to another instance. The transfer was successful.

In the system setting the current package is also set as the transferred package. 

But any changes made is getting reflected in the default custom package rather than the new transferred package. 

The whole thing is happening in our dev cloud environment so even though the edit settings for the imported package has been set to "Allow", the package still restricts to edit and all the changes to the objects and schema are residing in "Custom" package.

Please suggest a efficient way on managing the changes relevant to that package. Kindly help us resolving it.




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Dear Saraya, 

Please make sure that the package you've set as a current package is not locked and the current package system setting is set to your package. If the package is locked the system would set Custom as a current package as it can't save anything to the locked package. If your package is unlocked and the current package is set to your package please contact support team at support@bpmonline.com

Best regards, 


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