When the "AcceptApprovalWithoutComment" system setting is set to false, a popup for confirmation appears when clicking on the approval element's decision.

 Is it possible to override this popup to make it a lookup field instead of a text field(approval comment)? If so, what is the schema name for that?


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Unfortunately, it is not possible to override this popup.

We've registered the suggestion for the R&D team.

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Hello Creatio Community,

I'm asking if there is a way to connect a Hosted Cloud Environment to Clio Explorer, and develop components from visual code and deploy them to the Cloud Environment?


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Clio release version and Clio explorer version 2.0.59 provide functionality to get info about the Creatio system. It contains the product name, core version, type of database, runtime platform, and customer ID. It can be helpful for identifying installation or updating packages 

Also, it is available in command line mode

clio get-info -e ENVIRONMENT_NAME

Required update Clio API on the environment to version


Great thanks for this command! All who develop projects for customers will be able to detect product, version and DB type easily. Here is full command set to install this update:

check your current Clio version:

dotnet tool list -g

remove old Clio version:

dotnet tool uninstall clio -g

install new Clio version:

dotnet tool install clio -g

install new version of cliogate package (aka "Clio API on the environment"):

clio install-gate -e YOUR_ENVIRONMENT_NAME

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Hello Everyone,

I have a progress bar that changes its status based on approval status. However, it requires a manual page refresh to reflect the changes in the progress bar. To address this, I've added a refresh button. Now, I want this button to trigger automatically whenever the progress bar status changes. Can anyone provide guidance on how I can achieve this using a custom handler?

Currently, I've written this code with the assumption that the record is saved whenever the status changes.


    request: "crt.SaveRecordRequest",

    handler: async (request, next) => {

        const schemaName = "UsrNewProductsOnboardingformpage";  

        const buttonId = "Button_qef55yg";

        const button = request.$record.$Model[schemaName].$Buttons[buttonId];

        if (button) {


            console.log("Button clicked");

        } else {

            console.log("Button not found");


        return next?.handle(request);



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Have you tried turning on "Enable Live Data Update" for the object? Turning that on should make it refresh automatically when the data changes with no code. 

See https://customerfx.com/article/automatically-refreshing-a-creatio-freed…

Alternatively, you could add code to refresh the page: https://customerfx.com/article/refreshing-reloading-page-or-list-data-o…


Ryan Farley,

Hi Ryan,

I tried enabling "Live Data Updates" for the object, but it still didn't work out. Will try the alternate approach to see if it's work.







Try this handler in the page (don't forget to add creatio-devkit/common to  your page schema (example define("UsrTest_FormPage", /**SCHEMA_DEPS*/["@creatio-devkit/common"]/**SCHEMA_DEPS*/, function/**SCHEMA_ARGS*/(sdk)/**SCHEMA_ARGS*/ {):

				request: "crt.ApprovalActionHandlerRequest",
				handler: async (request, next) => {
					const result = await next?.handle(request);
					const handlerChain = sdk.HandlerChainService.instance;
					await handlerChain.process({
						$context: request.$context,
						type: 'crt.LoadDataRequest',
							config: {
								"loadType": "reload",
								"useLastLoadParameters": true
							"dataSourceName": "PDS"

Worked correctly in my demo.

Oleg Drobina,


I tried, but it didn't work, nor did it even trigger after the changes. Do I need to change the request from "crt.ApprovalActionHandlerRequest" to any other request?

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Hello everyone,

I'm encountering an error while attempting to create a record in Creatio. However, I've been successful in creating a record through an API call. Can anyone offer assistance?

Error: Field "Id". Error: Please enter a value.


Thank you in advance.



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Hi Abhishek, 

The reason behind this behavior is that there are two attributes that are mapped to the primary column of main data source. You need to find the duplicated attribute and remove it. 

If you need assistance in performing this action, please contact us at support@creatio.com


Best regards,


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I have problem about filter. How add filter in list creatio?

So that you understand what I mean, I've included the picture below

and the filter I mean is like this

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Hello Muhamad,


Your business task could be achieved by development tools.

Please refer to this article.

Best regards,


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We bought a marketing Licence for Creatio.

When i try to create a campaign, the system told me that a licence is required.

Even if the marketing licence is enable on my user account.

Our provider told us it was because we have no active contact...

All i want to do is create a campaign in order to import another mass mailing provider statistics for this campaign. it has not been send by Creatio.


Why can't i create a campaign on Creatio ?


Thanks you,


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Hello Nicolas, 


The marketing campaigns require the following licenses:

  1. Marketing campaign licenses (“marketing creatio”). These licenses enable the functions of the Creatio Marketing sections: [Email], [Campaigns], [Events], etc. 
  2. Active marketing contact licenses ("marketing creatio 1000 active contacts"). The licenses are used for creating records in the [Email], [Campaigns], and [Events] sections. 

If the user does not have one of those licenses, errors may occur during the following operation:

  • saving or sending emails;
  • editing email templates in the Content Designer;
  • advancing a campaign to the [Marketing email] step;
  • certain operations in the [Events] and [Campaigns] sections might be disabled.

More detailed information about marketing licenses can be found in the Marketing campaign and active contact licenses Academy article. 


Best regards, 


Hello Olga,
It's a pity that we can not import into Creatio our emailing statistics if we send our emailing with another provider.

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