Hi Community,


How can I override the dashboard list Name link, OOB functionality is opening its  corresponding record but instead of this I want to put some logic and  open other page. Where can I override this exact function? Any idea?


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Dear Fulgen, 


Please see the article below on how to change the logic on the link click: 


 Here is the way how you can override the dashboard: 
1) Create your custom module that would extend Terrasoft.DashboardListedGridViewModel
Here is an example: 
define("UsrDashboardListedGridViewModel", ["ControlGridModule"], function() {
    Ext.define("Terrasoft.UsrDashboardListedGridViewModel", {
        extend: "Terrasoft.DashboardListedGridViewModel",
        getGridDataColumns: function() {
            var gridDataColumns = this.callParent(arguments);
            gridDataColumns.QualifyStatus = gridDataColumns.QualifyStatus || {path: "QualifyStatus"};
            gridDataColumns.QualificationProcessId =
                    gridDataColumns.QualificationProcessId || {path: "QualificationProcessId"};
            gridDataColumns["QualifyStatus.StageNumber"] =
                    gridDataColumns["QualifyStatus.StageNumber"] || {path: "QualifyStatus.StageNumber"};
            return gridDataColumns;
        getQualifyStatus:function(id) {
            var activeRow;
            if (id) {
                var gridData = this.getGridData();
                activeRow = gridData.get(id);
            } else {
                activeRow = this.getActiveRow();
            if (!activeRow) {
                return null;
            var qualifyStatus = activeRow.get("QualifyStatus");
            return (qualifyStatus) ? qualifyStatus.value : null;
        addColumnLink: function(item) {
            item.getQualifyStatusValue = function(qualifyStatus) {
                if (!qualifyStatus) {
                    return null;
                } else {
                    return {
                        value: qualifyStatus && qualifyStatus.StageNumber || this.get("QualifyStatus.StageNumber"),
                        displayValue: qualifyStatus.displayValue
            return this.callParent(arguments);
        applyControlConfig: function(control) {
            control.config = {
                className: "Terrasoft.BaseProgressBar",
                value: {
                    "bindTo": "QualifyStatus",
                    "bindConfig": {"converter": "getQualifyStatusValue"}
                width: "158px"
    return {};
2) Create your custom module that would extend Terrasoft.DashboardListedGridViewConfig
define("UsrDashboardListedGridViewConfig", ["UsrControlGridModule"], function() {
    Ext.define("Terrasoft.UsrDashboardListedGridViewConfig", {
        extend: "Terrasoft.DashboardListedGridViewConfig",

        generate: function() {
            var config = this.callParent(arguments);
            config.items[1].className = "Terrasoft.UsrControlGrid";
            config.items[1].controlColumnName = "QualifyStatus";
            config.items[1].applyControlConfig = { bindTo: "applyControlConfig" };
            return config;
    return {};
3) Create you custom module to override Terrasoft.DashboardGridModule: 
define("UsrDashboardGridModule", ["UsrDashboardListedGridViewModel", "UsrDashboardListedGridViewConfig"], function() {

    Ext.define("Terrasoft.configuration.UsrDashboardGridModule", {
        alternateClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrDashboardGridModule",
        override: "Terrasoft.DashboardGridModule",

        viewModelClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrDashboardListedGridViewModel",

        viewConfigClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrDashboardListedGridViewConfig"


4) Create your DashboardGridModuleWrapper, which enables UsrDashboardGridModule : 
define("UsrDashboardGridModuleWrapper", ["BaseModule"], function() {

    Ext.define("Terrasoft.configuration.UsrDashboardGridModuleWrapper", {
        extend: "Terrasoft.BaseModule",
        alternateClassName: "Terrasoft.UsrDashboardGridModuleWrapper",

        constructor: function() {
            var parentMethod = this.getParentMethod(this, arguments);
            Terrasoft.require(["DashboardGridModule"], function() {
                Terrasoft.require(["UsrDashboardGridModule"], parentMethod, this);
            }, this);

    return Ext.create("Terrasoft.UsrDashboardGridModuleWrapper");

5) Override BootstrapModulesV2 and add DashboardGridModuleWrapper to the dependencies: 
define("BootstrapModulesV2", ["UsrDashboardGridModuleWrapper"], function() {
    return {};


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I have a detail referencing the Contacts section, that is an editable list detail:

Am I able to make the Contact lookup appear as a link on this view? That is, as link to the linked Contact record.


The list view preview shows the Contact as a link:

But not when I view the detail on the linked section??

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Dear Lauren,

You can try to transform the lookup field into hyperlink by referring to this article https://community.bpmonline.com/articles/how-make-url-string-field-clickable-hyperlink

Best regards,


Hi Dean,

The link needs to be the connected lookup record ... How would I reference this as a link?

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Hello everyone!

How are you? I hope you can help me!

I want to add a column with a link, to set URL of that link I need to get the value of another column hidden in the grid, How could I do this? I do not want to show the column because it takes up a lot of space. I overwrote the method addColumnLink but the line "this.get("someColumn") does not work if the column is hidden. In this case, the column hidden is "UsrRutaArchivo"

I attached images

Thanks in advance!

King regards!

Ezequiel Gomez!

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Dear Ezequirel,

You can call initQueryColumns function in your section schema, so to load all columns. In the function, call addAllColumns you have overridden. In this case, you will be able to access not displayed column in the grid by "this.get("Column"); Please see the example below:

initQueryColumns: function(esq) {

Hope you find it helpful.



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