Show captions instead absolute URL on links

Hi everybody,

How are you? Hope you are doing well.

I'm continue working on a POC.

I wanna show captions instead the absolute URL on the links. 

I have a c# development that use ODATA for upload files and save links values into fields. 

If I enter a text manually a caption "Documento" (custom caption) appears on lost focus but disappears on a reload.(please see the attach)

the requeriment include a caption on every link instead the URL 

Also I need to include this on a new section as you can see on the attach file.

I will appreciate an idea.

Kind regards.

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Dear Uriel,

In order to achieve such task you can do the following: 

- Create two fields in your object: Caption and URL.

- Pass both caption(how do you want the link to display) and URL over OData.

- Display only caption field on the page.

- Make the caption field clickable and by the click, read corresponding URL and open in new tab.

Here is an example of the code on how to make a field clickable:


        methods: {
            getIsLinkColumn: function(entitySchema, column) {
                if (column.columnPath === "UsrCaption") {
                    return true;
                return this.callParent(arguments);
            addColumnLink: function(item, column) {
            linkClicked: function(recordId, columnName) {
                if (columnName === "UsrCaption") {
                    var path = this.get("UsrURL"); //"";


Hope this would help.



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