Zoom Integration using the Zoom Connector fails on relate participants with contacts


I'm getting problems with the meeting data, because the process to get Activity participants in the Zoom Meeting associates the participants with a wrong contact, as you can see in the image on http://prntscr.com/rij3k8.


Please your help,


Thanks in advance

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Hello Julio,


please confirm that there are no emails in Zoom for the participants with the wrong contact.

Irina Lazorenko,

Irina, the problem is the activity participants have no email and what the process did is to found the first contact with no email and attach this contact to the participant.


I think the process must see if no mail on particpant, it must no associate no one contact to avoid confusions.





thank you for the issue clarification. I have submitted it to the responsible team and come back to you with the response.



the responsible team requested to add the ZoomUserId column to the detail list on the screenshot. Please, send the screen with the ZoomUserId column on the Zoom Meeting Participant detail.

Irina Lazorenko,

Hello Irina,


I have no this column, see at http://prntscr.com/rmqmbw, also have those info regarding ID http://prntscr.com/rmqo3j, note in this activity I correct mannualy the participants

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