What can't Portal Users do?

Hi. I have read the articles about Portal Users that are available;

What portal users are. How to create them. How to set up their rights.

But what I want to know is what can't they do? Surely there must be some limits of a Portal User compared to a full licensed user.

Or is this just a result of what I allow my Portal users to do in my environment? Although I agree and understand that it would not be recommendable to let a Portal user do anything.


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Dear Julius,

The application portal is a part of the platform used by external users and it is limited. There is no way to turn the portal user into the regular system user. The portal users' functionality is limited by the licenses and the objects permissions. Apart from that, there are a lot of back end functionality which is not compatible with the portal users. For example the portal users will not be able to run the database triggers for majority of the default functionality, access the portal through mobile application, run bulk emails, etc. Basically, there is no point to allow external users to use the application through the portal as a regular company employee. For this purpose, it is better to create a regular user for this individual. Theoretically it is possible to allow external users to use the application functionality on the company employee level, however it can only be done with the help of separate development project. 

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Ricardo Alberto Cruz López,


Please note that the emails functionality is not available and cannot be setup for portal users.

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