Using Installed Business Process Template in Current Package

I installed the "Calculation Working Days" business process template from marketplace. It is set as having the Custom Package as its only dependent package, but we need to be able to use it as part of business processes in our current configuration package (which is not the Custom Package). When I try to add the  package from marketplace as a "dependent on" for our current package I get an error. See screenshot. Posting here as the Marketplace page says it's supported via posts in Creatio Community.…

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Hi Andriana!
The issue is caused by the missing data binding for the "SysWorkplace" and "SysModuleEntity" objects. To fix the issue, make sure that data with aforementioned IDs is bound to the package that is experiencing data binding issues.



We are facing a similar issue. Could you please let me know if binding solved this issue? Please confirm what are the bindings that need to be done because I see that sections are already present in the SysModuleInWorkplace_SectionInWorkplaceManager data binding. 

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