Using a customquery in Script Task that has Joins

I am trying to select a specific org role from a user using a Custom Query however most examples don't have Joins in them. Can someone assist?


var sql = "select sau.Id as [RoleId] from SysUserInRole suir join SysAdminUnit sau on suir.SysRoleId = and sau.SysAdminUnitTypeValue = 6 join SysAdminUnit sau2 on suir.SysUserId = where sau2.Id = '594c5b24-147d-421f-8083-2431f71e920d'";
var query = new CustomQuery(UserConnection, sql);
using (var db = UserConnection.EnsureDBConnection())
    using (var reader = query.ExecuteReader(db))
        while (reader.Read())
            var Id = reader.GetString(0);
            Set("DebugRoleID", RoleId);
return true;


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Can you explain a bit more of what you're after and what isn't working with the code above?

Ryan Farley,

The query returns the GUID of the Org role of a specific person. The script keeps telling me it can't cast a GUID as a String and I cannot figure out where it is casting a GUID as a string.

I resolved the issue by changing .GetString() to .GetValue. GetValue allows GUID datatypes opposed to just getting a string value.

Michael Dorfman,

Sounds like you have it working. You could also cast it to a Guid like this as well:

Set("DebugRoleID", new Guid(RoleId));

Or even better without the cast

Set("DebugRoleID", reader.GetGuid(0));

Using GetValue works as well, that returns the value as a generic object which gets implicitly coerced to Guid when you set it in the DebugRoleID parameter.


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