Unable to import the Account-Contact Relationships

I am trying to import the relationships via an excel file and have followed all the steps in making the file ready and matching the required data types etc.

The file is getting imported and I get a notification that my file has been imported but I can not see the relationships popping up under those accounts and contacts.

Could someone help me debug this or let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance



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I get this notification: Import complete. 1 of 1 records imported from the source file "AK_Relationships.xlsx".


The Relationship table has following columns: http://prntscr.com/mkwsvu

In order to import relations you need to populate the RelationTypeId, ReverseRelationTypeId, Active, AccountAId(ContactAId) and AccountBId(ContactBId) columns. Please note, that you need to fill in the columns with the precise names in order for these relations to be connected to the existing records. Else, the duplicates might be created.

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