Trigger Emails have no "System Email" flag

Hello community,

our customer needs to send out trigger emails from a campaign to contacts who have the "Do not use email" flag set at that moment.

The emails are confirmations for the contact persons that they have registered for an event, so that is completely fine from a legal and GDPR perspective (=legitimate interest).

However, it is currently not possible, because trigger emails miss the functionality that is available in bulk emails with the "system email" flag, which causes Creatio to skip the evaluation of the "do not use email" flag before sending the email.


Does anyone know of a way to work around this? Programming would also be fine.


Thanks in advance and br,


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Hi Robert,


As for now, sending trigger emails to the users with the "Do not use email" checkbox is currently not possible via basic tools. 

We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for consideration and implementation in future application releases.


Thank you for helping us to improve our product. 

Hello Bogdan,


thanks, I already know that, because that's the same answer I got from the support...and that'S also the reason I'm trying my luck with the community!




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