Trigerring record's SavedStartMessage from back end

Hello. Could you help us solve the next question: 

We have process, that is triggered by SavedStartMessage, it works corrctly when relevant record is saved from UI (added or updated)


What we need to do - when saving some changes from code (other process) to thrigger this starting message. We tried next aproach, but it doesn't trigger required start message:


We also tried getting Entity by EntitySchemaQuery, changing some field and tehn saving changes, but it also didn't work.

Could you suggest  some other approach? 

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Hello Iuliia,


You can also use the following code in your source code to call your process from it:

var manager = UserConnection.ProcessSchemaManager;
var processSchema = manager.GetInstanceByName("UsrProcess_bf15ef4");
var process = processSchema.CreateProcess(UserConnection);

So in case your code completed its execution you can call the process using the code above and continue your business logic execution.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

thanks for this suggestion, but there is a complication. This particula process is set up on the table as this:

So I actually fo not kno the name of it. Is it still possible to start it the way that you suggested


Thanks in advance!

Iuliia Diakiv,


Event processes on objects also have their codes, please see the example:

So you can try using this name.


Best regards,


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