Token-based authentication

Does anyone have any successful experience with authenticating to an external web service that only uses Token-based authentication?
I found a similar post, how the solution was proposed to be passed in the heder of the Authorization request: 
Authorization: Bearer <token>.
Unfortunately, this method did not work. Please help me solve the problem

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Hello Olga,


Could you please clarify this question?

What difficulties arise?

Hello, Anastasia.
Now in the CRM - system only two methods of authentication are available - the basic and Auth 2.0, when setting up a web - service 
Only Token - based authentication is available for the web-service that we are trying to integrate with.
How can I configure Token - based authentication?


I will try to describe the problem in more detail
In the documentation of the web service, in addition to Token-based authentication, there is a description of the authentication method based on OAuth 1.0a
Here is a successful request to Postman


When I tried to send the same request from Creatio (I copied the parameters from Postman), I get an error



Hello Olga,


Please review this video material, as it may assist you in implementing your task:

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