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Hello community, We have a requirement where we need to show JSON on the UI. A multiline text may not be an ideal way to show it. Would it be possible to convert the Text field into something similar to the screenshot below (this is taken from Fast Reports set up)

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Hello Shivani,


Standard "Notes" field will also perfectly store JSON:

So please use it to store JSON on the UI.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to add another "notes" field to the table and have the value displayed in a similar manner?

Shivani Lakshman,


You can use the standard one available in any newly created section and add it to another tab if needed (but this can be done via the schema code modification directly, this option is not available in the wizard yet, but our product R&D team actively works on adding this feature to the oob functionality).

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