Tag a printable record to a section and implement filter conditions

Hello community,


I have an opportunity section with a lookup field called OpportunityType. I also have a lookup field called Printable in the same section, which the user will use to tag the opportunity record to a particular printable. 


The use case here is that since we have many printables, we would like to filter the printable based on OpportunityType. I am assuming we need to replace the Printable object, add a new lookup column referencing the OpportunityType Lookup. We want this field OpportunityType to be visible on the UI where Printables are configured (Please see below image).


Please advise.

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Hello Shivani,

I have an article here that shows how to show or hide printables based on a value on the page. Hopefully this helps you get started: 



Hi Ryan,


I am looking for something different. I want to override the printable page schema (The page where we add new printable records) to show a new field as seen in the image I posted earlier.

Do you have any approach pls?



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