Sporadic Emails Received in Creatio

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Does anyone in the community what the status relates to in the Email Listener Service Diagnostics? Specifically the section "Receiving subscription information"?

We have set up all user inboxes as shared inboxes under one account so as to avoid email loss when a user updates their password, etc.

However, recently i have been testing and notice that not all emails come into Creatio and I'm unable to find any pattern. 

On the diagnostics page, I note a number of emails have the status as "not exists", but can see that emails are coming in for these users.




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The 'not exists' status indicates the absence of a subscription for automatic synchronization for this mailbox.

If you've noticed emails that were synchronized through this mailbox but the mailbox status is 'not exists', it could be due to two scenarios:

1) these emails were automatically synchronized before the mailbox received the 'not exists' status, or 2) manual synchronization was initiated for this mailbox:


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So how do I troubleshoot why the mailbox is set to ‘not exists’ as when I add the mailbox there are no errors. 

They are all shared mailboxes and don’t seem to have any difference in settings from those which have the status exists. 


To investigate a specific case on your website, please reach out to Creatio technical support ( This will allow for a detailed analysis of this particular case.

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