ShowMore issue in custom detail list

I have made a custom detail using existing object Click through links with email in the BulkEmail section in order to see what Contacts clicked on what links of this Bulk email.

To achieve that in BulkEmailPageV2 code i changed detailColumn default value to BulkEmailHyperlink.BulkEmail as here is no direct refference to Bulk email in object Click through links with email.

        details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{
            "UsrSchema4edcd088Detail90da8858": {
                "schemaName": "UsrSchema4edcd088Detail",
                "entitySchemaName": "VwBulkEmailClickedLink",
                "filter": {
                    "detailColumn": "BulkEmailHyperlink.BulkEmail",
                    "masterColumn": "Id"

At first sight everything looks good, though i noticed that I cannot get extended list of records by pressing Show More button in that new detail. As result of Show More i receive only additional 2-5 records (depending on which column records are sorted by) and Show more option after second or third click dissapears.

What i missed here? any ideas?

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Hello Viesturs,

I implemented the same code as yours and it works correctly. According to Creatio’s logic after “Show more” the system outputs next 10 records from DB by each click if they’re available. Here is my code:

define("BulkEmailPageV2", [], function() {
			return {
				entitySchemaName: "BulkEmail",
				    details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{
						"UsrSchema4edcd088Detail90da8858": {
							"schemaName": "Schemad7cb2755Detail",
							"entitySchemaName": "VwBulkEmailClickedLink",
							"filter": {
								"detailColumn": "BulkEmailHyperlink.BulkEmail",
								"masterColumn": "Id"
				messages: {},
				attributes: {},
				methods: {},
				modules: /**SCHEMA_MODULES*/{}/**SCHEMA_MODULES*/,
				diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[
            /* Add a new element. */
            "operation": "insert",
            /* The element name. */
            "name": "UsrSchema4edcd088Detail90da8858",
            /* The configuration object of values. */
            "values": {
                /* The element type. */
                "itemType": Terrasoft.ViewItemType.DETAIL
            /* The container element name. */
           	"parentName": "SettingsTabContainer",
            /* The property name of the container element for the nested element collection. */
            "propertyName": "items",
            /* The index of the element to add to the collection. */
            "index": 0
				rules: {}

Could you check how many records are in your DB by this query, please:

select * from VwBulkEmailClickedLink
where ContactId in (select ContactId from BulkEmailTarget
where BulkEmailId = 'Your process id. For example: a0ae3a33-5863-4e7a-993e-5ecee7de7c79')

My detail view:

Best regards, Anhelina!

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