Show/hide custom button dynamically from section schema

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I want to show/hide a custom button depending on a field of an opportunity, in the page what I do is to create an attribute with dependencies to this field to call the method that points to the property of the diff  (visible/enabled), but in the section I can't do this. I would like to know how I can make the same thing of the example below in the section.


The attribute I made in the page: 

"SubastaValidate": {
               dependencies: [{
                   columns: ["Stage"],
                   methodName: "ShowButton"

In the diff of the page add the property:

"enabled": {
                        "bindTo": "ShowButton"

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Hello Nicolas,
Thank you for you question.

If i understood you correctly you successfully binded field value change to attribute in your record page but you could not achieve same result in the section page. It might be because those two pages have different fields (e.g in record page there are fields related to that specific record and in section page there is information related to the list of those records). 

In section page i created a method that checks status of selected row. If the status of an order is completed than a button becomes hidden.

Here is how i accomplished that: 

Alternatively you can directly subscribe to changes in ActiveRow in your section page by overriding init method as follows:

Hope this helps and let me know if you have any other question left!


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