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I am trying to create business process where the user is able to select an email template, decide whether or not they want to include the attachments from the object in the email (i.e. if they are sending from a document record, include the attachments from the document record), and then have the chance to customize the email before sending.


I have figured out a couple ways to include the attachments with the email but I can't figure out how to allow the user to select the template. Is there a way I can pass an email template into the "Send email" Process element? 

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Dear Kevin,


You can use Auto-generated page and show lookup with templates so the user could select them, or forward the user to Templates lookup. Process "Send email to case group" is a great example of how to fill macro values in the template and then send it as an email automatically. Check "Handle template for email with macros" element for more details. 


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Hi Kevin,

I am curious what did you do to solve your problem?
I am experiencing a weird bug now actually. Every time i visit my business process it clears the templateId i set on advance mode.


Can you enlighten me?

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