Send Email - Collection of records in table format in the body of email element

Hi Team,


I have a business process that triggers an email.

Requirement in email Template:

1.A section records collection should be filtered by specific field. (say, Contact section records filtered by Account field) i.e. Collection of contact section records matching a specific Account value - Achieved by Read Data Element in business process.


2.Now all the filtered records in read data should be populated in the email body content in a table format (Rows and colums) - How to achieve this?


I need to insert the collection of records from Read Data element to email body in the table format and the table has to created dynamically depends on the number of records from the read data element.


I tried to create a "collection object" in the process parameter and set the collection records to the parameter as in the collectionParameter.png image but how to use this collection object value inside the body of email element and frame to display the values inside the object in table format.



Bhoobalan P.

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Hi Bhoobalan,


This task cannot be achieved using the collection of records, but using a cycle in the process.


To achieve your business task you need to create a separate checkbox field in the contact edit page called "Is the record processed?" (just an example of the column name). This checkbox value should be modified by a separate process that should look like on the screenshot below:

Please note that you need to specify an account here contacts for which you need to process. Also please pay attention to the conditional flow conditions.


Once done you need to create one more process that will form a list of contacts and for example their emails. Like on the screenshot below:

Please note that you need to create a process parameter with the string data type where emails and contacts list will be stored. Also you need to specify the parameter value in the formula as:


[#List of full names and emails#]+ [#Read all contacts.First item of resulting collection.Full name#] + " and the email for this contact is " + [#Read all contacts.First item of resulting collection.Email#] + "<br />"


And then use this parameter in the send email process element. As a result this list will be received in the mailbox:

So you can test this approach on your end and check the result.


Best regards,


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