Saving active record in "Combined Mode" Action button

Hi all.

I'm tying to manually save in silent mode an active record.

When we open a records from the section page, the record (the edit page) is opened in a combined view so if I have a (custom) button on the action bar (on the top, near the "Actions" button) and when clicking on it >> trigger a function.. the function is located in the "xxxSection" JS module.


The problem is that on the section's JS methods, there is no "" method (like we have on an edit page js module) .


So, how can we programmatically save the active record in the "section" module code?

* We need this because we want to force "save record" before doing the actual logic after clicking the button.

(Regular UI ... NOT freedom UI)




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You can try using the this.executeCardMethod("save") method upon clicking your button (as it's developed for the "Qualify" button in leads (see the onLeadManagementSectionButtonClick method from the LeadManagementUtilities module)). This will automatically save a page record even if the button was declared in the section code.

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