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I have this peculiar case where in when I click on the Save button in Pre-Configured Page, it takes a while to save. In of the case, it doesn't save the page in a single-click and requires the end user to click on the Save button twice. 

The implication of this double-click is it creates some activities twice. Now this case occurs 1 in 10 times. If I try to send same set to data on that page and save it next time, it gets saved in a single click and there is no duplicate activities created. 


Kindly suggest way to troubleshoot it as while inspecting it in the page, there are no errors found relevant to this behaviour. Is this due to any performance lag? if so, how to confirm that?

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Landing pages can take a bit of time to save (sadly). This means that often users won't know that the form has been submitted and click the submit button again, which will cause a duplicate submission. You can add code to disable the button once clicked the first time so it can't be clicked again. 

Add something like this to the button, this will disable the button on the first click, then submit the form:

<input type="submit" value="Submit" onclick="this.disabled=true; this.value='Sending, please wait...'; this.form.submit();" />


Thanks Ryan Farley for the suggestion.


Actually in this case, it is a Pre-Configured page and not a landing page. In this, if i set the save button as disabled, it would work making the end user not to click the Save Button twice but also I would also want the page to close this page and redirect back to the previous page. For some reason, it doesnt happen.



Ah, sorry about that, I had misread your post.

Do you have any console errors in dev tools when this occurs? 


no Console errors


Hi Anupama,

Did you find the solution, I am facing the same issue in Freedom UI.

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